What's in a seed?

Did you know?

If you rummage through your kitchen cabinets, chances are you can find out several items containing soy.  The most common form of soy found in human foods is soybean oil. The oil can be used for cooking foods or packaging foods and is often found in baked goods.  The oil is not only used in foods but is proving to be a reliable source of biodiesel fuel.  This renewable energy source reduces emissions and is non-toxic making it much friendlier for our environment.  Other parts of the soybean are beneficial, as well.  After the oil is extracted from the soybean, the left over high-protein fiber is used for animal feed across the world.

  • Soybean Oil: a vegetable oil extracted from soybean seeds.
  • Biodiesel: a fuel source derived from vegetables and used as a substitute for diesel fuels.
  • Protein: a group of molecules essential to a healthy diet for animal growth.